Maelsov Mega Teknologi


PT. Maelsov Mega Teknologi is a software company that specialized in custom software, specifically in web and mobile application that can be customized to your business needs. We believe that we can help your company by providing solutions to IT related issues in your business and simplify your business process by decreasing unnecessary activities and reducing cost which will resulted in increasing effectivity, efficiency and productivity, also keeping things on the right track, and even give your business new opportunities.

For some companies IT is still considered as a huge expense, but we believe that IT is an investment rather than an expense. Present-day most companies need to spend a lot of money to apply IT solution from experts and not to mention finding good IT resources is also very difficult. Maelsov will help you in catching up with the digital transformation, with our high quality service and reasonable price. We believe we can help your company in creating the best application and accommodate your company particular preferences and expectations.

We perceives our employees as assets with high levels set of skills, dilligent and able to engaged in teamwork. Maelsov acknowledges the importance of our employees in creating a solid and healthy corporate environment. Therefore, we will always actively redefined our policies and human resources systems in order to hire the best people for our company. For Maelsov, our employees as well as our clients have always been our main priority, implying that our employees will have the necessary knowledge, capabilities and skills that can support our clients needs. We’re looking for:

We’re looking for:

  • Android Developer
  • Web Developer

If you’re interested, please do contact us at:

+(62) 21 30420772 or